Supporting the organisation



ASASA is a 'regimental association' that operates for the benefit of its members and their families /close dependents, and to support the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR).  It is a legally constitutes not-for-profit organisation and it is not aligned with any political parties or religious groups.

A fundamental objective of the Association is to provide a forum for members to stay in contact with each other, and to provide them with information on Association activities and up-to-date news items. This website was developed for that purpose, and it is intended to complement Rendezvous, the Association's national magazine, and the State Branch newsletters.  In addition, ASASA conducts a variety of social and commemorative events at State and National level for its members.

A second ASASA objective is to provide support and assistance to members and their dependents, as required. This support includes provision of assistance to members in preparing applications to DVA to claim welfare entitlements, and the provision of advocacy support to appeal DVA decisions that reject members' claims.  Support is also available to assist members in preparing application to the SAS Resources Fund for assistance.  At the National (and State) levels ASASA is involved with Government and Government departments in furthering veterans' welfare entitlements.   

Lastly, the Association supports SASR when and as necessary, and works to protect the Regiment's reputation and good name.  This included assistance in conducting joint social activities and commemorative events, and welfare assistance to currently serving members and work with the ex-Service community to protect their conditions of service.     

A second major objective of the Association is to work for the welfare of all those who have served in SASR and their families, and particularly those who are injured or killed in the line of duty. To that end the Association works closely with the SAS Resources Trust (a registered charity) to provide assistance to current members and former members of SASR and their dependants. Three charities have been established to support our welfare activities; two in Queensland (Project Excalibur and Wandering Warriors), and one in Western Australia (Project Brathwaite).


ASASA in turn relies on the assistance and
support most generously provided by our sponsor
organisations and we wish to formally acknowledge
that support.